Advertorial writing services


Do you need to hire an advertorial writer?

An advertorial is a promotional article written in the style of an editorial, and designed to blend seamlessly with the other articles displayed within a certain publication or online platform.

Advertorials are also sometimes known as native ads or sponsored posts.

Advertorial writing requires dual skills in journalism and copywriting, to produce a long-form advertisement that reads just like an editorial article. This provides interest for the reader whilst simultaneously promoting or showcasing a brand, product, or service. 

If you want to hire an advertorial writer, read on! 

Advertorials were traditionally a form of sponsored content marketing placed within print media such as newspapers and magazines; a format that they are still commonly used for today.

However, online advertorials are also a fast-growing niche area of digital strategy for the web-savvy business owner or marketing agency, and today, online advertorial writing makes up a large portion of the total market share.

Writing an advertorial can help you to reach and engage your prospects in the publications and online platforms that they use to learn, explore their interests, or relax, providing a subtle yet highly effective method of targeting potentially receptive customers.

Whilst the Advertising Standards Authority mandates that advertorials must be clearly marked as advertisements so as not to mislead the reader, their format and placement means that a relevant, well-written advertorial is one of the best ways to get your message across.

If you want to use advertorials to open up new revenue streams or reach out to your target audience in the places where they are open and receptive to such an approach, you need an advertorial writing service to help you to achieve your goals.

My journalistic background and proven track record as a copywriter enable me to write fluent, engaging advertorials for your product, service, or brand, targeted to any demographic and for either print or online use. 

Do you need to hire an advertorial writer?