Article writing services


Do you need to hire an article writer?

Article writing can be used to inform, entertain, and advise others about topics that are interesting or important to you. For businesses, writing articles can help to lend authority to your content and provide a valuable service for customers and prospects that are looking for guidance and information.

Whether you want to inform your readers, establish yourself as an authority in your field, compare the pros and cons of different products or systems, or simply talk about what is important to you — I can help.

I am a British writer with NUJ membership and a wide range of both print publication and online article writing credits to my name, composed over the course of a ten-year career as both a journalist and a content writer. 

My portfolio encompasses many different styles and subject areas from thought leadership articles aimed at high-level professionals to informative advice articles, humorous articles, opinion pieces, and much more.

As a marketing professional, a significant amount of my published work naturally consists of articles pertaining to marketing, corporate methodology, and digital strategy. I have composed numerous different articles aimed at small and medium enterprises, industry professionals, and niche demographics, on topics such as SEO, building brand awareness, and social media for business, among other things! 

Like most writers, I also have specific areas of personal interest and expertise that I particularly enjoy writing about. These include companion animals and veterinary care (I qualified as a veterinary nurse early on in my working life) and dog training, handling, and management.

I love writing about fashion and beauty too, and can count many well-known brands among my client base.

Humour writing, listicle-style articles, and funny content designed to entertain and amuse are particular specialities, and I am equally adept at writing in a witty, sarcastic, and humorous style as I am at writing formal, professional corporate content.

Finally, it is also worth mentioning that one article writing service that I do not offer is the completion of academic essays, or other people’s college papers, dissertations, or coursework. 

Whether you need an article writer for online content or print publication, contact me now to discuss your requirements.