Blog writing services


Are you looking for a blog writer?

Company or brand blogs are a must-have for most business today, from startup sole traders to large multinationals. Blog writing can help to strengthen your brand voice, highlight your products and services, and let people know what you do — and why. 

Keeping a blog is also a really good way of boosting your organic SEO.

Blog writing helps you to establish your authority and authenticity, share news, and engage your audience so that they keep coming back for more.

Blogs allow you to tell the story behind your brand, adding dimension and depth to your public image and increasing public perception and goodwill.

However, posting interesting new content on a regular basis is essential to the success of any blog. Blogs that aren’t kept fresh or that don't engage their readers soon lose their audience and reach. 

If you want to hire a blog writer to help with maintaining your blog, writing blog posts, or identifying trends and topics of interest, I can help.

Whether you already have a blog that you can’t find the time to post to, are running out of ideas, or wish to start a blog and need some content to get you going, contact me now. 

I specialise in writing blogs for brands and organisations of all types and sizes, from small local companies to large corporations.

I can write a one-off blog post on the topic of your choice, work with you on an ongoing basis to produce a set amount of blog posts each month, or brainstorm blog topics and ideas that are designed to attract attention and boost your brand. 

My skills as a blog writer also enable me to write in a diverse range of tones and styles to suit your brand and target audience, from formal and highly professional to friendly, funny, or edgy. Just ask to see some examples if you want to know more.

I can also match the tone and style of any existing content to provide a seamless transition between authors, allowing you to outsource your blog writing as needed whilst maintaining your familiar brand persona. 

Regularly posting to your blog can really help to improve your SEO rankings and funnel new traffic to your website too — as long as you make the best use of keywords, tags, and headers, and incorporate them into your blog posts naturally and organically without making your content sound stilted. 

My blog writing service is SEO-friendly as standard, giving you the chance to reach both new and existing customers with news, insights, promotions, and information via your blog.

Whether you are just starting out and need a blog writer to get you going, require a one-off piece, or regularly scheduled content — or aren’t quite sure of the best approach to take — contact me now about my blog writing service.