Brand-led and direct response copywriting services


Do you need a freelance UK copywriter?

Copywriting is writing that is designed to advertise or promote a product, service, or company, with a view to increasing brand awareness and generating interest — or sales.

In broad terms, the approach taken by a copywriter or marketing campaign can be further broken down into two sub-categories: direct response marketing and brand-led marketing respectively.

Direct response copywriting is designed to achieve a specific action from your prospects, such as a conversion, sale, or expression of interest. 

A direct response copywriter will focus on a specific and clearly delineated end goal and create finely-tuned content tailored to match the target demographic, incorporating strong calls to action alongside of compelling copy that is simply designed to convert.

The success of a direct response copywriting campaign is tangible and measurable, and can provide valuable marketing insights to help you to fine-tune your approach and guide the format of future campaigns.

Brand-led copywriting or brand marketing places the onus on highlighting and enhancing brand perception and raising awareness of the brand and its offerings. This type of copywriting is again ultimately designed to convert and sell, but takes a more immersive, big-picture approach to the whole endeavour. It is a whisper, not a shout!

A competent freelance copywriter will be equally comfortable creating both direct response marketing content and brand-led content — and many campaigns and marketing strategies involve elements of both.  

My formal education in the principles of marketing and my digital marketing agency background give me the know-how to produce both supercharged direct response copy and premium brand-led content for all applications.

The actual written content produced under the umbrella of copywriting services comes in many shapes and forms, encompassing things such as promotional emails, advertorials, flyers, brochures, advertisements, and brand or product promotions to name just a few.

Newsletters, white papers, catalogues, ad slogans, blog posts, and other types of both direct response and brand-led promotional content are all forms of copywriting too.

I can help with all of your copywriting requirements, whether you are planning a large-scale marketing campaign across multiple channels, a targeted email campaign, or simply need to develop your brand identity with a catchphrase or memorable slogan.

If you need to hire a copywriter or want to commission professionally written copy for your brand, company, organisation, or charity —  or are not quite sure what you need — get in touch.