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How I work

When you hire me for your copywriting or content writing project, you can rest assured that I will work to your exact brief and produce 100% unique and original content that is written from scratch, just for you.

I invite you to run anything I write for you through the plagiarism detection tool of your choice before releasing payment.

I write SEO-friendly content as standard, and can optimise your website text to boost traffic and increase conversions.

I will also provide up to two revisions (if required) within the remit of your original brief, to ensure that you are completely happy with the finished product.

I will not agree to commence a job until you are happy with what I offer and we are both confident with how to proceed, and have fixed a price and deadline for delivery of your content.

I don't agree to deadlines I cannot meet — I have never missed a deadline in my entire career, and I don't intend to start now!

Once payment has been made for your completed project, copyright hands over to you in full and in perpetuity.

Who do I work for?

I work directly with both businesses and individuals, as well as a number of digital marketing agencies who wish to outsource their content writing to a specialist professional with marketing and agency experience.

I have worked with many of my clients for years, whether that be for ongoing projects or ad-hoc per-task jobs. If you would like to read some client testimonials or speak with some of my clients directly to get their views on what it's like to work with me, let me know.

I have ongoing working relationships with many well-known international brands, as well as smaller companies and organisations. I am just as comfortable working with large international corporations as I am with one-man start-ups who may never have hired a copywriter before, and are only looking to complete a small project.

Many people looking to hire a copywriter for the first time tell me that they find making the initial approach a little daunting, and are wary of coming across as naive or inexperienced — particularly if they just want to get an idea of costs or what is involved for a small or standalone project. 

If you're not quite sure how hiring a freelance copywriter works, how to construct a brief, what sort of budget you will need for your project, or how to begin, don't worry — just ask! 

The process

When you first contact me, I will ask you to provide some basic information on the scope and scale of your project and the timeframe for completion.

This is to ensure that it is something I am able to help with, and that I can complete the task within your deadline (or accommodate it within my schedule for long-term or ongoing projects).

Next, I will ask you for your brief, and let you know if I need any additional information. Your brief should outline exactly what you need from me so that we are both clear on what I will do for you, and so that I can determine and let you know my fee for the task.

An appropriate brief might be a paragraph long or several pages — it all depends on the project!

If you require help or input constructing the brief or aren't sure what you need to tell me, this is something I can work on with you.

From there, I will create your content (written with SEO in mind if requested) and return it to you in the format of your choice — generally an editable Word document so that you can process or integrate the text into your website, brochure, or other content as required. 

The majority of the time, I simply get it right first time, and the job is completed — but two rounds of revisions (if required) are included within my fee. 

The only exception to this is if you require revisions that I could not reasonably have been expected to foresee when I composed the original copy. 

This means that if you change your mind about the approach, style, or what you wish to cover within the content after receiving my draft — or want to add information or guidance that was not made available to me from the get-go — this will attract an additional fee.