Press release writing services


Do you need a press release writer?

A press release is an official statement written for distribution to media organisations to provide information on a given subject. 

Press releases are constructed in a specific format that standardises their layout, incorporating contextual information and notes for editors to add credibility and ensure that the document is presented in a usable format.

Whether you have something newsworthy to say or wish to respond to good or bad publicity with a formal statement, a press release writer can help you to get your message out to the news services and press agencies that count.

A press release can also be used to share the results of research or analysis that is relevant to your industry and will highlight your work, reveal something informative or interesting to a large audience, or otherwise generate interest in what you do.

Similarly, if you are launching a new product or service or want to publicise the formation of a new brand, you might want to write and distribute a press release. 

Getting your news in front of the editors, journalists, and aggregators that can spread the word about it is a great way to increase your public profile, manage your brand’s reputation, and highlight your unique selling points.

I offer a press release writing service using the standard structure and format, and if required I can also distribute it to the news aggregation platforms and publication pools relevant to your message and industry. 

My background in both journalism and marketing provide me with the knowledge and insights required to write slick, professional press releases that are fine-tuned to give you the best possible chance of getting the media’s attention, to help you to spread your story.

Additionally, if you are taking a wider view to your marketing strategy and are looking for something newsworthy to generate a buzz, I can also research and write a case study or report to provide a topic for the content of the press release itself.

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