Product descriptions and category descriptions


Do you need to hire a product descriptions writer?

If you run an online store, use your website to sell products, or manage an online portal to advertise your wares to potential buyers, writing product descriptions is probably a big part of your life!

Product description writing is designed to tell your customers about what you have on offer, the features and benefits of the things that you sell, and of course, to make your offerings sound appealing and desirable so that people want to buy them.

However, if you sell a large range of similar or complementary products or have a huge catalogue of products to showcase and list, creating unique, enticing, and relevant descriptions for each of them can be a huge challenge.

Going light on the details or not paying as much attention to each individual product as you should — or writing dull, repetitive, or poorly constructed product descriptions — will soon bore and frustrate your potential buyers.

It will also have a negative impact on your SEO, making it harder for people who want to buy to find you.

All of this means losing sales; but it is something that you can avoid by hiring a professional product descriptions writer.

Whether you deal in luxury goods or everyday items, your product descriptions should show your offerings in the best possible light; highlighting their features, reinforcing their value, and making sure that your customers can find out everything they need to know before they buy.

I have written thousands of individual product descriptions over the course of my copywriting career — each of them unique, informative, and designed to sell, as well as being SEO-friendly.

Writing product category descriptions is a similar area of copywriting that can prove challenging for businesses, and one that is often overlooked but just as important! 

Product category descriptions help to direct customers to the appropriate section for the individual products they are looking for, provide additional chances to showcase alternative products, and offer an opportunity to highlight your unique selling points. They also help a lot with SEO.

If you need to hire a product descriptions writer or want someone to write product categories for your website, online store, or catalogue, contact me now to discuss your project.