Boost your business with a targeted social media campaign


Tweet writing, Facebook post creation, and social media services

No modern business can afford to ignore the value of social media when it comes to boosting brand awareness, building a following, and showcasing your products or services. 

Reaching out to your prospects where they socialise, relax, and look for entertainment can give your business a massive boost if you do it right.

However, social media post writing can be a challenge when you’re trying to think up new content and keep things fresh — and social media users do not usually respond well to a hard sell approach.

Social media users require a careful approach when it comes to brand and corporate content. They want to read content that makes them think, makes them laugh, or makes them want to get involved.

Start the conversation on social media by hiring a social media writer who knows their way around the most popular platforms, can identify trending topics and hashtags, and knows how to engage and win followers.

If you need a Facebook post writer, a tweet writer for Twitter, or any other social media writing or strategy services, you’ve come to the right place.

I have written Twitter and Facebook posts for international corporations and household names as well as SMEs and startups.

Whether you want to increase your followers, raise brand awareness, or hold out hope of producing that elusive viral post that everyone wants to share, get in touch.

I can write tweets within the set character limit to amuse, entertain, inform, or promote — whatever you are hoping to achieve.

I can help you to piggyback or even create a trending hashtag, engage your followers, and make people talk.

If you want to lead the field with fresh, engaging content on the largest and most popular social media website of them all, I can also write Facebook posts for your business page or group that are tailored to appeal to your specific audience demographics and target market.

You’ve probably noticed promoted tweets on Twitter and adverts and sponsored posts on Facebook too; and spotted how many of them are poorly constructed, uninformative, inaccurate, and even misspelled. 

If you’re planning a paid promotional campaign via Facebook, Twitter, or both, I can help you to target your content to make every impression count and increase your conversions.

If you want to post tweets that will get attention, gain followers, and encourage likes and re-tweets, or if you want to use Facebook to spread the news, build a following, and promote your brand, contact me now and get an expert social media copywriter on your side.