White paper writing and eBook writing services


Do you need a white paper writer, or an eBook writer?

Both white paper writing and eBook writing can help businesses to provide value to their potential customers, establish authority in their field, share information and insights, and boost sales. 

If you need a white paper writer or an eBook writer to inform and engage your prospects, I can help.

White papers are informative articles that are usually offered for free or in return for registering interest in a product or service, to serve as an incentive or teaser. White papers are designed to engage the potential customer and explain the value and applications of a product or service or how it can help to solve a problem, and generate sales or encourage sign-ups.

Promotional eBooks too can be used as an incentive to convert a prospect into a sale — such as by offering a free recipe eBook with the purchase of a certain type of kitchen appliance or cooking utensil.

My eBook and white paper writing service is designed to provide information and insights that make the reader appreciate the value of your offerings, incorporating natural and engaging calls to action (if relevant) to convert interest into sales.

If you'd like to talk about commissioning a white paper or eBook for any purpose, contact me now to get started.